Sump Pump Installations

If you have a basement that floods, you need a sump pump. The size sump pump you buy depends on the amount of water being drained. Sump pumps are measured in horsepower. Installation & design of new work is a big job requiring a professional contractor. It can require running drains along the side of the basement going to a drainage hole where the sump pump is installed. There needs to be a drainage pipe going to the outside of the home, to rid the basement of the water. The NJ Contractor needs to dig a dry well for the excess water to be pumped into. With a single pump system, you are relying on your single sump pump to keep up with the water drainage. Should the pump malfunction, such as the float getting hung up, you could end up with a lot of water in your basement. That is why double pump systems are important for a home that floods on a regular basis. If your power goes out, the battery back-up pump will come on to continue the draining. If you live in an area with a high water table, this will be an important system for you to have installed. Have your sump pump installation done by a New Jersey Contractor. It is too big a job for the average homeowner.