Code Enforcement

Whether you are going to sell, or simply upgrade, your building needs to be kept up to code. When selling, a Certificate of Occupancy is required before the closing can go through. A New Jersey Contractor needs to be up to date on Code Compliance. Contractor NJ should be Fully Insured and Bonded with the State of New Jersey. Whichever New Jersey Contractor you hire should be able to make the necessary repairs listed on the Code Enforcement Violation Sheet.

Cleaning Services

New Jersey Contractors are out there that can do House & Apartment Cleaning, Office Cleaning, and Medical Office Cleaning. If you need Seasonal Cleaning such as leaf removal or Power Washing, a New Jersey Contractor can take care of that cleaning service.

Plumbing Services

Plumbing services is something that everyone needs at one time or another. It is very important to get a good plumber to take care of such services as Hot Water Heater installation or service, Boiler repair or installation, HVAC Installation & Layout, and piping repairs and installations.

Installations Services

There are many types of installations that require a knowledgeable New Jersey Contractor. These installations include Carpet, Doors, Windows, Appliances, Light Fixtures, Detectors & Emergency Ligting, Sump Pumps, and Black Gas Piping. Many of these installations require further inspection, after being completed, to be sure they are up to code.

Remodeling and Design Services

Whether you are remodeling your home or business, or building from scratch, you need a reputable New Jersey Contractor to take care of this type of service. A New Jersey Contractor is able to do Prep Work & Caulking, Painting, Kitchen Remodeling & Design, Hardwood Floors, Masonry Repairs & Installations, Framing & Additions, Roofing, and Drop Ceilings.

Restaurant Design Services

Restaurant Layout and Design requires and experienced New Jersey Contractor familiar with this type of business. They must be able to design your restaurant so it is up to the strict codes required in the state of New Jersey. Be sure you get top-of-the-line equipment by having your experienced New Jersey Contractor purchase your Restaurant Equipment and install it for you.

Outdoor Designs

The outside of your home or business is viewed by all who drive by. That is why it is important to have a New Jersey Contractor experienced in Landscaping make your home or business into the showplace it should be. A beautiful exterior is a good reflection on the person within. NJ Contractors can install Patios & Walkways, Outside Kitchens, Fencing, and even lovely Pergolas, Porticos, or Gazebos. Whatever your outdoor design, there is a New Jersey Contractor to take care of it for you.