Rough Plastic PVC/ABS

Plastic piping has taken over the use of metal piping. It is light weight, easy to handle, and less expensive than metal piping. It does not rust or corrode, and is chemically inert so it doesn't collect mineral deposits. Because of the smoothness of the interior walls, water flows well and there is less tendency to clog. Plastic PVC/ABS can be used outdoors because of their weather resistance. Special fittings can be used to join plastic piping to steel or copper pipes without the worry of galvanic action (corrosion from dissimilar metals).

PVC and ABS piping cannot withstand high water temperatures, which is why they are used for cold water lines, drain systems, vent systems, and drain traps. Putting the pipes together requires the use of fittings, such as elbows, couplings, reducers, or t-fittings. The sections and fittings are then bonded with a special solvent formulated for the specific plastic. Your New Jersey Contractor has the knowledge, tools, and suppies to do a PVC or ABS installation. He/she will use contractor grade solvent made for the type of plastic piping they are using. Let a professional contractor do the rough plastic PVC/ABS installation for you. There will be no leaks when your New Jersey Contractor gets done.