Restaurant Layout & Design

The first thing you notice when you walk into a restaurant is its appearance. This includes table spacing, decor, furniture, etc. A bad first impression can cause a customer to leave without even trying the cuisine. Presentation is everything, especially when you are running an up-scale establishment. That is why restaurant layout and design is such an important factor when starting a new establishment. Improper layout can cause a chaotic appearance, with staff bumping into eachother while trying to do their jobs. Overcrowding the customers causes them discomfort, which reflects in their opinion of the restaurant. The cuisine can be excellent, but if the customer is uncomfortable and ill at ease, they will probably not come back.

Restaurant Layout and Design depends on the size of the restaurant, staff, seating, etc. The basic needs for a restaurant are:

It is very important that the restaurant is designed to hold the maximum amount of customers comfortably with an overflow area for those waiting. A restaurant that is overcrowded does not function efficiently and results in customer dissatisfaction.