Patios & Walkways

Before putting down the materials you are using for your patio or walkway, the area has to be excavated to create a smooth, flat suface at the level you want for your pavers, bricks, etc. This excavation may require special equipment, such as a Bobcat, that your NJ Contractor will have. The area must be prepped so there is no loose dirt that could cause sinkage.

There are many different materials to choose from for your patio or walkway. You can go with concrete for a smooth, clean surface, or perhaps brick, stone, or block for a fancier look. There are pavers out there in all shapes, colors, and sizes to meet your individual tastes. Have a Masonry Contractor do your patio and walkway installation. You want the finished job to look professional. Don't trust such a big job to an amateur, get a New Jersey Contractor to do it for you.