Painting Services


Nothing will give your home or commercial property a quick, easy makeover like a new paint job. However, techniques and tools for painting vary widely due to building materials and age of structure. In fact, many older structures will have a combination of wood, shingles, brick and concrete. Much of the work will need to be done by hand, rather than using a spray painter. The type of materials being painted will be the deciding factor in the tools necessary for the job.

Let a professional Contractor NJ consult on your next painting project. Whether your 1800’s Victorian Home is in need of a new paint job, or you wish to spruce up a single room, they will know exactly the right tools and methods to create a stellar job.

Brush Painting:

Brush painting is ideal for larger spaces where texture is desired. Large brushes apply paint fairly quickly. Textures may be applied for optimal use of light and surface material. Durability of brush-applied paint is high, making it a good method for outside porches.

Roller Painting:

Both quick and durable, roller-applied paint is perfect for large spaces and ceilings. Even coats of paint make for seamless appearance on surfaces.

Power Sprayer:

Use of a paint power sprayer will save a considerable amount of time when painting rough surfaces, such as stucco or shingle houses. Power sprayers easily coat hard to reach places and surfaces that have rich textures.


Prior to painting, all cracked surfaces will be filled, dustsheets will be used and furniture / curtains will be moved or covered. Prep work and caulking may need to be done. Contractor NJ are specialists at all facets of interior painting. Whether your interests are creative or traditional, we are experts at making an ordinary room extraordinary.


House painting can be complex, due to the variety of paints and building surfaces. Weather and sun exposure must also be taken into account when choosing materials and colors. Let our know-how and experience make your next residential or commercial painting project a breeze.