Light Fixture Installations

Light Fixture Installations require the use of a skilled electrician. If you are putting in a new light fixture where there is not an existing light fixture, wires need to be run to the fixture through your walls, and tapped in to your electrical panel. This requires a New Jersey Contractor that has the proper tools and can take the correct measurements so that the light fixture installation comes out looking professional.

If there is a light fixture already in the location where you want your new light fixture installed, the electrician needs to shut the power off to that circuit to insure the safety of all involved. If the new fixture has a bigger base than the old fixture, this may require some cutting that needs to be done precisely so you do not have a hole in your ceiling or wall that is showing. Your NJ Contractor should clean up after the installation and test the lighting for proper working order.

Ceiling Fan Installations should be done by a professional New Jersey Contractor. Because of the weight involved in mounting the fan, a professional should do the job to insure the ceiling fan does not come down when operating. By having a professional contractor do the job, you can rest assured that the ceiling fan above your bed is going to stay above your bed! Don't try to do a big job like a ceiling fan installation yourself, get a New Jersey Contractor to do it for you.