Landscape Installation & Design

Landscaping Installation & Design for your home can include many types of services. A good landscaping job not only improves the beauty of your home, but increases the value when you go to sell.

A professional New Jersey Landscaper can come to your home and evaluate what type of lanscaping will go with your home and area. They will work with you to pick out the type of plants you like, while maintaining the professional look of a good landscaping job.

Once the landscape installation and design phase is done, further maintenance is still required. A professional landscaper will know just how much water and fertilizer your beautiful landscape needs to continue to flourish.

Sod Installation:

Have you ever wished your lawn had the perfect appearance of a major league baseball field? You can achieve this – with sod. However, the installation of sod is a big job, and must be approached with patience and a lot of know-how.

Hire a New Jersey Contractor that is an expert in every step of sod installation. Once they are finished with your sod installation, all you’ll have to do is keep up the maintenance!

Your New Jersey Contractor should strictly adhere to each step of installation in order for successful sod growth. Prep work involves the complete removal of the existing lawn. Lawn is watered and fertilized for maximum growth, spray herbicides are used to deaden the lawn through the root system, and the ground is fertilized completely to prepare the landscape for sod.

A good Contractor NJ professionally carries out each step, from ground preparation to sod installation. With regular mowing and watering, your landscape will appear healthy and vibrant for years to come.

Mulching Services

Mulching provides many benefits to land owners, including the following:

Pick a New Jersey Contractor who has a broad understanding of the requirements of land clearing and mulching. They will offer fast, clean and economical mulching at your residence or business.

Planting Services

Contractor NJ offers expertise and manpower for all types of landscape planting. They are knowledgeable of indigenous plants and shrubs and can strategize with you to achieve your landscaping goals.

Contractor NJ's landscape specialists are not only well versed in all the new trends of landscape design, they are experts at all the “behind the scenes” technicalities that create beautiful landscapes, such as pumps, drainage and water basins to prevent overflow. Your New Jersey Contractor will work with you from start to finish