Hardwood Floors

There are many types of hardwood floors. Domestic Hardwood Floors can be Ash, Cherry, Walnut, Beech, Birch, Hickory, Maple, Oak, and Pine. Then you can go more exotic, with woods like Australian Cypress, Birdeye Maple, Boodwood, Bolivian Rosewood, Brazilian Angelim, Brazilian Cherry, Brazilian Chestnut, Brazilian Ebony, Brazilian Koa, Brazilian Mesquite, Brazilian Mountain Teak, and Brazilian Redwood. You can use Bamboo Borders and Cork Tiles for more exotic looks. Whatever the type of hardwood floor you want, be sure to get a New Jersey Contractor to put it down for you. Hardwood floors can be very expensive. A good NJ Contractor knows how to cut and lay the pieces to minimize waste.

Besides the different types of wood used in hardwood floors, you have the choice of soliod or engineered. The preferred choice would be the 3/4 inch solid pieces that last forever, but are much more costly. Engineered is put down in ply fashion using veneers. The key to look for in an engineered floor is the thickness of the veneer. The thicker the veneer, the longer it lasts and the more it can be refinished, but the higher the cost.

If you are looking to install hardwood floors, get a professional contractor to do the job. You need the right tools to do the job, and these tools can get costly. Each piece needs to be cut in a way so it flows with the rest of the floor. This is not a job for an amateur. Use a New Jersey Contractor to put down your hardwood floors. It will save you in the long run.