Fully Insured / Bonded State of New Jersey

Before anything goes wrong with the work being done on your home, be sure your Contractor NJ is fully insured to cover the cost of damages that can occur when your home is under construction. The NJ Contractor is fully insured not only to protect your home, but to protect the people working for him/her that may get hurt while working on your property. You will be worry free when you get a fully insured New Jersey Contractor. Should anything bad occcur, you are protected from lawsuits by using a fully insured contractor.

Bonding traditionally has been used to protect a contracting unit dealing with a contractor. If the cost of the contract is over $100,000.00, bonding is required. Bond requirements depend on the difficulty of the work being done. A performance bond guarantees the cost of completing the contract should the contractor be unable to finish. A labor and material bond given by a contractor insures payment to laborers and suppliers involved in the contract. A maintennance bond guarantees against defects in the materials used for the contracting job. It is important to check on the bonding your New Jersey Contractor is offering when the cost of the contract is high. Be sure it covers all the expenses of your project.