Code Enforcement Violation Sheet Repairs

When an inspector checks your dwelling and it is not up to code, he will give you a Code Enforcement Violation Sheet listing the types of repairs necessary for your dwelling to pass inspection. A licensed NJ Contractor will be able to do the repairs needed to bring your home or other building up to New Jersey Code.

Code violations include windows that are inoperable; inadequate lighting in areas such as stairways, laundry rooms, and furnace rooms; not having the proper amount of receptacles per room; leaky plumbing; missing smoke detectors; excess debris; filthy interior surfaces; gas appliances without shut-off valves; no ventilation in bathrooms; inoperable stove. Gas, water, and electric must be working properly. The exterior is also checked for proper condition. If your paint is peeling off the side of your house, that would be a violation. Chimneys and gutters must be working properly.

Get a New Jersey Contractor to help you repair any Code Enforcement Violations.