Carpet Installations

Are your carpets stained and tired looking? A new carpet can brighten up a room, adding to its beauty. It also adds value to your home when you go to sell. Carpets help to supress noise and add comfort to your home. There is nothing like a soft warm carpet on a cold winter morning.

You can pick out your carpet from a number of sources, but you should have it installed by a New Jersey Contractor. This will save you money in the long run, as many carpet stores collect a big commission on installation. Some New Jersey Contractors have carpet samples you can choose from, and they supply the carpet for you. Wall to wall carpeting installed by a profession NJ Contractor will improve the beauty of your home.

Carpet Installations require more than just laying the carpet. The carpet installer first must inspect your floor and correct any imperfections that may show through your carpeting or create uneven wear. The installer must then take exact measurements of the room to insure perfect fit. Then a tackless strip is installed to the floor next to the wall. Your carpet installer will then install a carpet pad that he/she has cut to fit your room. Now your carpeting is laid out and cut to the exact measurements taken earlier. A knee kicker is used to position the carpet, then stretch it to fit evenly. Any excess carpet is now rough cut. A power stretcher is used to stretch the carpet so it can be hooked to the tackless strip. Finally, a wall trimmer is put down to finish the job. For large areas, carpet can be "sewn" together using heat activated plastic tape.

Use Fully Insured, Bonded New Jersey Contractor to do this job. Be sure that the carpet installer is experienced. The more complex your Carpet Installation is, the more experience the installer needs. It is always good to get references when dealing with a professional. If you are looking for a residential carpet installation, be sure the NJ Contractor has done residential installations. There is quite a difference between residential and comercial installations.

Get an estimate in writing on the cost of the complete installation, including materials, labor, and disposing of the old carpet. Some contractors will not take away the old carpet, so if that is a problem for you, be sure that you get it in writing that they are going to perform this service. Your carpet installation will go much smoother if you have everything in writing before the installation.