A boiler is a closed vessel in which water or some type of fluid is heated and use for heating applications. They can run on oil, gas, propane, and even solar like the one pictured to the left. Which boiler you pick will depend on the services available in your area, as well as your current needs. A New Jersey Contractor will take your household dimensions to help find the correct boiler for your home. Cost can be a significant factor. Your New Jersey Contractor will find the most efficient boiler available in your price range. There are many types of boilers:

The decision on which type of boiler is best for you depends on a lot of factors. An important factor is what type of energy sources are available in your area. Another issue is cost. Solar Boilers are extremely efficient but costly. Coal boilers are cheaper to run than oil, gas, or electric, but are not as clean. It is difficult to know what kind of new system will be the most appropriate, efficient and cost-effective for your house. That is why the first step in replacing your system is finding a New Jersey Contractor who has experience in high-efficiency systems.