Appliance Installations

Appliances, such as an electric clothes dryer, require 220 volt power to run. This will require the installation of a 220 volt outlet where the appliance is located, as well as installing a 220 volt breaker in your service panel. You will need a professional New Jersey Contractor to do this job. If the installation is not done correctly, the warranty could be voided on your appliance.

When putting in a washing machine, shut off valves are requiered for the hot and cold water lines. A professional contractor can install these valves and run the water lines for you, as well as put in any additional electric outlets you may need for your appliance installation.

If you have a gas appliance to be installed, there are all kinds of safety issues the contractor must deal with. The pipes going to the appliance must be checked for leaks, and the appliance itself must be sealed tight to prevent leaks. Gas Appliance Installations need to be done by a professional New Jersey Contractor.

A new refigerator with an icemaker is a wonderful appliance. However, the installation will require the running of a water line, a probably a water filter, for the appliance installation.

A New Jersey Contractor can do the following appliance installations:

Contact a New Jersey Contractor for your Appliance Installations. Don't take a chance on voiding your warranty by doing it yourself, have a professional do it for you.